I am a Muslim American from Washington DC (and proud tree hugger, so happy to be in Durham!) who has spent my life immersed in the experience and study of holistic health and ancient wellness therapies. Professionally, it has been my pleasure to have spent over 15 years making a difference in the lives of women, using wet cupping (hijama), massage and bodywork, medicinal teas and herbs, and health and lifestyle education. I have a passion for seeing women thrive, physically and mentally. The mind body connection is indeed real, and when your body feels good your mind functions at a higher level and vice versa. My expertise is therapeutic work and bringing relief to clients with various health challenges such as hormone balance & infertility, chronic pain, immune system disorders, and dis-eases related to lifestyle and aging. I work with you, as a partner, in order to discover and promote balance and healing in you and your life.


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